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    We offer consulting services in custom software development and scientific research in the physical sciences and engineering. Much of these efforts involve theoretical and computational studies of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas including:
    Simulation and analysis of spectra (x-ray, EUV, UV, visible) obtained in z-pinch and laser-produced plasma experiments.
    Development of efficient x-ray and EUV radiation sources.
    Radiative and hydrodynamic properties of LTE and non-LTE laboratory plasmas.
    Atomic and spectral properties of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas.

    Prism simulation software (VISRAD, HELIOS, PrismSPECT, SPECT3D and PROPACEOS) is intuitive and easy-to-use. Even though the users are generally "up-and-running" with our software within a few hours, Prism offers comprehensive on- and off-site training sessions on all Prism codes. We have experience with on-site user’s training for large research laboratories overseas. Prism tailors the training to fit diverse user experiences with our software. During Intermediate level training we provide a brief overview of code capabilities, discuss the process of setting up simulations and viewing the results, go over examples and cover some advanced features. In the course of Advanced training we focus on more challenging cases and specific needs that require in-depth knowledge of computational models, utilization of new software tools to simplify and accelerate simulation setup, and review user-provided workspaces.

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